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Please take a moment and review the following important notices.
  • If you are currently using the NetLabels "Windows XP & Vista" application links below, these links will not be available after June 13, 2018. The XP/Vista operating systems have not been supported by Microsoft or NetLabels for over a year. Due to required security updates the NetLables application will only be accessible by patched Windows 7 or newer PCs. Please see Microsoft Security Advisory 3033929 for more information.

NetLabels is an innovative way to label your office file folders. Instead of stockpiling labels, simply print and apply just one label for your folder. It's quick, easy and efficient.

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Windows XP/Vista

If you're using Windows XP/Vista you may have trouble running or setting up NetLabels. These versions of Windows are no longer fully supported by Microsoft. As a courtesy, you can use the links below to run and setup NetLabels on Windows XP/Vista until a future update prevents this.

Run NetLabels
Windows XP & Vista

Setup NetLabels
Windows XP & Vista

Support 1.800.873.4427

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Technical Overview

NetLabels is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework version 4 and installed/updated using another Microsoft technology called ClickOnce. To learn more about Microsoft ClickOnce click here.

Software Requirements
  • Windows 7 SP 1 and above
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • Windows Installer 4.5 - only required if you install .NET Framework 4.0 by using our nlsetup.exe.
  • Browsers: IE 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox
Hardware Requirements
  • Any modern desktop or laptop processor
  • An internet connection and access to the following websites
    • - accessed via port 443 (i.e. HTTPS)
  • A color printer - NetLabels works just fine with black and white printers but you'll need a color printer to print color labels.